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Who we are:


Kaleidoscope Assessment Services have been operating for over ten years. Our centre in Burnley opened in 2012. In 2014, we opened our Manchester centre.  

Both our centres consist of 3 self-contained flats. Kaleidoscope can accommodate families consisting of a maximum of two children aged 5 years or under and a maximum of two adults parenting the child. Families will have their own bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom. Our centres are equipped with CCTV to maintain the safety of the child/ren at all times. Our assessments provide 24/7 support from a team of professionals, support workers and our in house social worker.


What we do:


Parenting assessments are highly beneficial for families in which the parents would benefit from intensive support and monitoring to help develop their skills and knowledge in parenting whilst maintaining the safety of the child/ren. Kaleidoscope offers support to all kinds of families, of any gender, race, sexuality and background history. Whether that be a history of substance / alcohol abuse, mental health difficulties, learning needs, parents that have been in care themselves and young parents. For families with a physical impairment we can offer a placement if the person is able to climb stairs unaided.

Our parenting assessments are for a minimum period of twelve weeks; however, can be tailored to meet different timescales through discussions with the referring agency and relevant professionals either before or during the assessment process.

Kaleidoscope’s parenting assessments incorporate the Department of Health ‘Framework For Assessment Of Children In Need And Their Families’, the assessment package for each family will be tailored in a needs led way. Our team of highly qualified staff provide support and assess parents through direct observations, monitoring of cctv and give the families daily direct work sessions. Direct work sessions cover all topics to do with parenting, these include

  • Childhood health and well being
  • Childhood development
  • Play and Stimulations
  • Basic care tasks
  • Cooking sessions
  • Group activities
  • Safety in and outside the home
  • Child protection
  • Independent living skills
  • Budgeting and finances
  • Domestic violence
  • Relationships
  • Self esteem

All direct work sessions are tailored to every individual family and their needs. These are also reviewed continuously and tailored to identified needs. Every week, the family is given a weekly appraisal to highlight their positive parenting and to perceive any barriers to the parents’ success. The support offered to the family aims to empower parents to recognise and develop their parenting skills so they can maintain these in the community.

Our assessment tools utilise the Parenting Assessment Manual devised by Sue McGraw. (PAMS 4.0)

We also have trained Freedom Program facilitators if this is felt necessary for a family.


Being referred:

Families are referred to Kaleidoscope through their Local Authority Children’s Services, Legal Services, CAFCAS and the Courts. This could be due to concerns about:

  • the parents’ capacity to meet the emotional, developmental and psychological needs of their child/ren
  • The risk of significant harm to the child/ren
  • Serious concerns but little evidence to reach a definite decision about the long term future of the child


For enquiries, Please email kaleidoscopenw@aol.com


Or alternatively, you can call:


Finsley Street


BB10 2HN

01282 454576


Chester Road


M32 0RN

0161 460 8266 


Directors Mobile: 07738931065






We are currently working on our newest centre, situated in Salford! 


Kaleidoscope Assessment Services

Finsley Street


BB10 2HN

Tel: 01282 454576


Chester Rd


M32 0RN

Tel: 0161 460 8266



Directors Mobile: 07738931065 

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