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In February 2012 we opened our first Family residential assessment centre based in Burnley. This is known as ‘Finsley’ house.

Following this in September 2014 we opened our other centre in Manchester known as ‘Chester Rd’

There are 6 flats in total, 3 are based at Finsley house and the other 3 at Chester Rd. Each flat is designed to take one family and we can accommodate either mothers, fathers or couples and will provide a 12 week assessment, utilising the highly regarded PAMS 4.0 parenting assessment tool. 

Kaleidoscope is able to support parents and their children from a range of backgrounds, offering opportunities for parents to demonstrate their full potential in terms of positive parenting.
Kaleidoscope is able to offer support to:

  • Young Parents
  • Parents with Learning Difficulty's
  • Pre-birth
  • Parents with a history of Substance Misuse

Our centres exist to:

  • Support parents/grandparents/carers of either gender to develop their attachment with their children, in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Offer a comprehensive need led assessment of the parent’s parenting capacity.
  • Provide a tailored support package to guide parents and their children through to independent living within the community.
  • Enable parents and their children to access opportunities and achieve their full potential.


Safety and Support


The centre's exist to provide a safe environment for parents to bond with their baby and/or children whilst being supported by our experienced teams of trained staff. The staff teams consist of health and social care professionals who provide a 24 hour service inclusive of a waking night and sleep in staff to ensure support is available throughout the day and night.


A comprehensive and evidence based parenting assessment, PAMS 4.0, is available to identify the parents’s parenting skills. The typical length of parenting assessment is 12 weeks however, this can be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual families.



 We also deliver direct work to the families as a 12 week program covering;

  • Childhood health and well being
  • Adult health and well being
  • Child Development
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Safety in and outside of the home
  • Practical and theoretical cooking skills
  • Parenting skills
  • Direct work specifically aimed at the identified
    safeguarding concerns; such as domestic violence
  • Child Protection


For costing plese contact us directly on the numbers below or email us on kaleidoscopenw@aol.com 



Telephone Burnley: 01282 454576


Telephone Manchester: 0161 460 8266 


Mobile Telephone: 07738931065







We now are Facilitators at both our centres of the freedom project.

We now can offer the families at the centres the freedom programme in house as we have trained facilitators.


Kaleidoscope Assessment Services

Finsley Street


BB10 2HN

Tel: 01282 454576 


881 Chester Rd


M32 0RN

Tel: 0161 460 8266



Mobile: 07738931065 

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