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Finsley House Assessment Centre

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Finsley House 

Is a home in east Lancashire for families. Parents can come to us aged 14 years and upwards with their child/ren.


Finsley House consists of three self contained flats. All flats contain their own kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and lounge. All furniture and furnishings are provided in each flat and residents are welcome to bring their own belongings to make their stay feel more homely. Finsley House also offers a communal room which serves as a meeting venue and/or to facilitate supervised contact sessions. 


Safety and Support


Finsley House exists to provide a safe environment for parents to bond with their baby and/or children whilst being supported by our experienced and team of trained staff. The staff team consists of health and social care professionals who provide a 24 hour service inclusive of a waking night and sleep in staff to ensure support is available throughout the day and night.


A comprehensive and evidence based parenting assessment,PAMS 4.0 , is available to identify the parents’s parenting skills. The typical length of parenting assessment is 12 weeks however, this can be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual families.


 We also deliver direct work to the families as a 12 week program covering;

  • Childhood health and well being
  • Adult health and well being
  • Child Development
  • Safety in and outside of the home
  • Finances and budgeting 
  • Practical and theoretical cooking skills
  • Parenting skills
  • Direct work specifically aimed at the identified
    safeguarding concerns; such as domestic violence
  • Child Protection




The parenting assessment package covers the full range of parenting skills inclusive of the parents own independence skills, relationships and lifestyle.  Finsley House operates a CCTV facility to ensure safety and provide evidence of parenting ability.


The communal areas incorporate a very child friendly space for supervised contacts, as agreed with the Local Authority.


By utilising a range of services both in-house and in the community, parents and their children will be supported through the parenting assessment and further into independence. The range of services available will be tailored to individual need and whilst not an exhaustive list the support available includes health, education, parenting programmes independence skills and therapeutic services.

Packages of Care for each resident will be discussed at a pre placement meeting between the referring professional, the parent(s), and the Registered Manager and Social Worker from Finsley House. We also accommodate pregnant girls/women and can provide a full pre birth assessment.  All referrals are welcome and Finsley House will respond to all referrals made within 24 hours.




The assessment at Finsley House is set out in three stages, the first
being Full Observation, whereby the family would be directly observed for all
care tasks of the baby. This is the highly supportive stage of the assessment,
where role modeling and learning is implemented. From the direct observation
made, the family are given immediate feedback and their views on the
observation are recorded, as such they are kept aware of all assessments
undertaken of them and contribute fully to the assessment process. This initial
stage is undertaken for the first 3-4 weeks and we then hold an initial placement
meeting where a Core Assessment is provided and the initial PAMs Assessment. Area’s
where the family have demonstarted consistency and safe care in their
observations will be withdrawn, as such the family will become more independent
in their parenting and the direct observations withdrawn and this is monitored
via CCTV.

The second stage of the assessment is Partial Standback which gives the
family opportunity to demonstrate their ongoing care of the baby without
intensive supervision. At week 8 another mid placement review is held where a
Core Assessment is provided and if in agreement by all parties the family
progress to Standback, whereby they go out into the community with their baby
independently to community groups and other agreed outings. At week 11 the
Final assessment report and updated PAMs Capacity Assessment including
recommendations is filed.

In addition the parties are provided with a weekly placement chronology
update and a weekly appraisal which is delivered to the family detailing their
strengths that week and area’s we are asking them to work on and an agreed
action plan. Once it has been delivered to the family and their feedback
obtained it is sent out to all parties.



PAMs 4.0


We also conduct PAMS 4.0. Assessments, which is undertaken
by qualified PAMs Assessors, these are conducted alongside our extensive
assessments and we can also offer community based PAMs Assessments.


The PAMS assessment (Parent Assessment Manual developed by Dr Sue McGaw,
a nationally renowned Clinical Psychologist in the field of working with
parents with learning disabilities) covers: child care and development,
behavior management, independent living skills, safety and hygiene, parents’
health, relationships and support, and the impact of the environment and
community on parenting. Each parenting skill area within a domain is assessed
for ‘parental knowledge’, ‘quality of parenting skills’ and the frequency of
parenting practice. By breaking elements of parenting down into testable
components PAMS starts to make an assessment of quality that is evidence-based.
After completion, the assessor has a clear visual family profile of functioning
that target parenting support needs, as well as child protection issues.

Should you wish to make a referral please use the referral page where you can download the referral form, or simply telephone using either of the numbers to the left of this page.

When pursuing a placement with us we would respectfully request the Local Authority forward to
us any pertinent information pertaining to the case so that we are able to
complete a Risk and Viability Assessment prior to the families admission. I can
also confirm that the Risk and Viability Assessment is undertaken at no cost to
any of the parties and would be forwarded back to you within 24-48 hours from
receipt of the information. This would detail how we would work with the family
to address the child protection concerns and highlights mitigating factors and
area of priority to work with a family.



Freedom Project


We now offer the Freedom Programme written by Pat Craven in house by our trained facilitators, this can be offered one to one or in a group with other resident families as part of our rolling programme. Once completed an analysis is undertaken as to parent(s) insight into domestic abuse and subsequently their capacity to protect their children. The Course will examine with each parent recognising signs of an abusive partner so that they are able to protect themselves and their children in the future form an abusive environment.
The Freedom Programme is a domestic violence programme which was created by Pat Craven who holds the copyright (all rights reserved) and evolved from her work with perpetrators of domestic violence.
The Programme was primarily designed for women as victims of domestic violence, since research shows that in the vast majority of cases of serious abuse are male on female.
The Freedom Programme examines the roles played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and the responses of victims and survivors. The aim is to help them to make sense of and understand what has happened to them, instead of the whole experience just feeling like a horrible mess. The Freedom Programme also describes in detail how children are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse and very importantly how their lives are improved when the abuse is removed.
24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline 0808 2000 247


We are currently working on our newest centre, situated in Salford! 


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