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Finsley House Feedback


Family Feedback


"I feel the assessment has helped me with bottle sterilising, baby groups and cleaning. The centre also helped me get a new routine"


"Yes I am happy with everything, the staff are helpful and supportive with everything Overall experience rated a 10"


"Being here has been invaluable for giving me and my son the best start possible. Our bond is so close and everything I do is for him. I like that I am able to benefit his development by reading, playing and even talking to him.

Even the monitoring at the beginning with what I said to him being written down made me really think about the simple things I did. I have a great relationship with all the staff, especially the most involved with us. I fell able to ask and talk about anything. I thank every single person who has been a part of this process at Finsley House, the social workers for giving me the chance to be here to prove to everyone but mostly to myself. That I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it"



Professional Feedback


June 2016 - "All the staff was extremely helpful in supplying information and any reports. The level of professionalism was outstanding and the staff went the extra mile to be helpful such as assisting in travelling to and from the train station and the hotel, picking us up and taking us back. All the staff were very friendly and courteous during the assessment visit.
The staff of Finsley House, mainly management has kept me fully appraised to any issues that have arisen and seeing appropriate advise from myself as necessary. The case I am currently working on is very complicated but in my professional view the staff of Finsley House has a clear understanding regarding the complicities regarding the case.
Finsley House have completed numerous PAMS Assessments and addendum PAMS Assessments. Each of the reports have been comprehensive, informative, child focussed with a heavy emphasis on analysis. The reports were excellent and have assisted the Local Authority in updating the care plans and recent parenting assessment.
As I have stated the staff of Finsley house have been extremely helpful in providing me with information for the purpose of updating the parenting assessment and demonstrated a clear understanding of the concerns in relation to the case I am working on. This extensive understanding of the case has enabled me to complete the updated parenting assessment ahead of scheduled completion date"



June 2016 - "I have been provided with clear and analytical assessments and addendums.

This highlighted the risks as well as the positives surrounding parents parental ability, as a new manager to the team, the assessments have helped me gain a full background history of the case as well as current and up to date information. It is clear from the assessments that extensive work, good working relationships and empowerment has been provided to parents"



"I would like to Thank you and your staff for all the support and help they have given this young person since yesterday when mum left the programme. Hopefully we will be in contact again should we require any further M&B placements"



Chester Road Feedback

Family Feedback

25/10/2016 - "Very supportive, helpful, happy and sociable staff. Caring and encouraging"


20/09/2016 - "Very good, we have learnt a lot of new things and gained knowledge. Very good support from all the staff and management"




Professional Feedback


25/10/2016 - "I feel that staff at the unit was very effective in their communication both with the family and with professionals. Information/updates regarding the family was readily available and on time. "

"Weekly and quarterly reports were received. If there was a serious incident, social worker was informed on the same day either via email and phone call to avoid drift or delay in addressing the issues."

"Very thorough reports with a balanced view always having the child at the centre."

"Staff at the unit were quite effective and professional and I believe equipped the family with the necessary skills to enable them live in the community with their child".










We now are Facilitators at both our centres of the freedom project.

We now can offer the families at the centres the freedom programme in house as we have trained facilitators.


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